Did You Know?

  • Christmas trees have been sold commercially in the United States since about 1850.

  • If you reach inside the tree and crush some needles, this immediately releases the wonderful natural fragrance of the tree. Try this in the evenings when your sitting around the tree and enjoy the pleasing fragrance.

  • Your Christmas Tree has been intentionally grown for your enjoyment, and is a renewable source. 

  • 98% of the trees sold are grown on farms and take 6 - 8 years to mature.

  • Christmas trees are often grown on land that is unsuitable for farming.  By utilizing these fields, tree farmers help to control soil erosion and provide year-round homes for wildlife.

  • One acre of Christmas trees produces the daily oxygen requirement for 18 people.  During photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen.  For every tree harvested, up to three seedlings are planted in its place.  This is even better for the environment because young trees have a greater rate of photosynthesis than older trees they have replaced.

  • You should never burn your Christmas tree in the fireplace. It can contribute to creosote buildup.

  • Artifical trees contain non-biodegradable plastics and possible metal toxins such as lead.
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